Busted Knuckles Auction is now offering this 1973 Honda CL450 Scrambler finished in red. Power comes from a 444cc parallel twin dual overhead cam four stroke engine. The owner states they have kept the bike on static display in a humidity-controlled environment since 2010. The odometer reads 7,451 miles. This Honda is being sold with a clean title.


The CL450 is powered by a 444cc parallel twin dual overhead cam four stroke engine, with power coming through a five speed gearbox shifted with the left foot. A chain transmits power to the rear wheel through front and rear sprockets that can be changed to achieve different gear ratios. The upswept chrome exhaust denote the CL scrambler package. Instrumentation includes a speedometer and tachometer as well as lights indicating neutral and high beam. It features both kick start and electric start capability. Safety features include operational turn signals front and rear as well as twin chrome rear view mirrors.

The 1973 Honda CL450 is an excellent unrestored example of a motorcycle from that time period. The CB450 was introduced to the Honda lineup in 1967, with a package of upswept exhaust pipes available from the dealer. In 1968 the CL450, often referred to as the scrambler, was introduced. Initially the difference between the CB and CL models was primarily cosmetic but as the years passed changes were made in transmissions and gearing between the two. In 1975 the engine displacement was increased to 500cc’s, bring an end to the 450 line.


In September 1959, Honda of America opened for business in a rather unassuming storefront in Los Angeles, CA. From such an inauspicious begging, a worldwide manufacturing conglomerate would emerge that would eventually become a household name in motor vehicles and power equipment.

A decade after Honda Motor Company successfully introduced the first motorcycle it designed and engineered in Japan, the time was right to expand the brand to other markets. While targeting other Asian countries might have appeared more of a safe move, company officials set their sights on the United States operating under the belief that success in the leading world market would lead to a world-wide presence in the future.

With eight employees and a Chevrolet pickup, Honda began delivering three models—the Honda 50, the 125 Benly and Dream 250 and 350cc motorcycles—to dealers in California. Sales steadily climbed, dealers were added to the network across the country and by 1970 the company had sold a half-million motorcycles.

Much of that success was credited with an advertising campaign that changed how the average American perceived people that rode motorcycles. Hollywood films had portrayed bikers as lawless, bearded men who wore leather and lived an outlaw lifestyle with little regard for polite society.

To change that image, Honda kicked off a multi-media campaign in 1963 “You Meet the Nicest People on a Honda”. Quickly, sales of these small-displacement motorcycles surged and people began purchasing them. As outdoor recreation made an upswing in the 60’s and 70’s, these small motorcycles were utilized for transportation in and around campgrounds and picnic areas across the United States. Buoyed by the success, Honda and other Japanese manufacturers continued to refine and expand their model line-up. When the gasoline crisis of the early 1970’s appeared, many American consumers began purchasing motorcycles as commuter vehicles in locations where the climate was favorable. The Honda 350 was one of the company’s best-selling models.

This particular motorcycle has been part of the present owner’s portfolio since August 2010 and has been on static display in a humidity-controlled environment since acquisition. We believe the 7.451 miles showing on the odometer to be original, but in accordance with Missouri statutes the motorcycle will be sold mileage exempt. There is a rip on the seat that has been patched and a few minor imperfections one would expect from a vehicle of this vintage but overall the motorcycle presents very well.

Basic information as stated by the seller

Make and Model

Seller – Dealer

Listing Type – Bike

Year – 1973

Make – Honda

Model – CL450 Scrambler

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Basic Facts

VIN – CL4501035365

Color – Red

Engine – 444cc parallel twin dual overhead cam four stroke engine

Odometer – 7,451 miles

Is The Mileage Accurate? – Yes

Is The Engine Original? – Yes

Vehicle Title – Clean title