“Life is nostalgic and unique. Reward yourself with horsepower, torque, speed, and class.” That’s true life advice from Houstonian, Trey Seiter, owner of Busted Knuckles Auction, an online car auction website. Trey developed a love of American muscle cars, European sports cars, and motorcycles from the influence of his father. Growing up, Trey’s father would buy cars that needed a bit of love; the late 60s and early 70s corvettes were among his father’s favorite. Trey learned first-hand the skill and passion for auto mechanics.

Fast forward decades later and Trey harnessed his early passion and built it into a full-time business. Busted Knuckles Auction is an online car auction website with the hottest collection of muscle cars, exotics, motorcycles, auto parts, and memorabilia. Busted Knuckles’ staff are car, truck, and motorcycle aficionados, creating an environment optimal for buyers and sellers to receive first-rate customer service. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned fanatic, Busted Knuckles welcomes you to list your inventory or shop their listings.

Forget the substantial fees and stress of big auctions. Busted Knuckles gives enthusiasts a personal shopping experience while giving sellers the ability to share each vehicle’s personal story. It also allows enthusiasts to join in the bidding process by commenting and offering advice to potential buyers. Busted Knuckles is bringing the passion and the art back to the auto auction industry.