List Your Exotic Vehicles For Free on Busted Knuckles Auction

Busted Knuckles auction offers sought-after, unique, and valuable automobiles and motorcycles for sale on an online auction, crafted for the benefit of buyer and seller preferences. Owner Trey Seiter and his team of experienced enthusiasts have dedicated considerable thought into building this auction website.

Traveling to auctions can cost a pretty penny whether you want to buy or sell a specialty vehicle. On top of that, commercialized auction shows charge up to 10% upfront for the seller to list their item, and charge the buyer 10% at the final sale. Even bidding online or over the phone with these large auctions will cost the buyer 12% at closing.

Here the benefits for listing your cars with Busted Knuckles:

        • No fees to list items
        • Flexible policy to list your items
        • No hidden charges during the sale
        • Customer service to assist listings
        • Interactive auction forum
        • The platform is trusted by buyers and enthusiasts

Once the sale has been completed, Busted Knuckles auction will incur 3.5% on top of the total sale for cars, trucks, and motorcycles to be paid from the buyer’s pocket. But, they have a cap of $5,000; meaning if your luxury sportscar is listed $1 million, you as the seller won’t be stripped of the additional profit. On the flip side, all cars are subject to a $250 minimum fee.

If you are purchasing memorabilia or car parts the commission is 10% of the total price.

What makes Busted Knuckles extremely unique is the ability for non-buyers and non-sellers the ability to comment on the bidding process. Any enthusiast is welcome to join the Busted Knuckles site as a member and provide sound advice to those bidding in real-time. This allows for season enthusiasts to tout their knowledge, engage in a live auction experience, and provide positive feedback for buyers.

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How Busted Knuckles is Bringing Something New to the Car Auction Industry

In a recent interview, Busted Knuckles founder, Trey Seiter, shares how his online car auction business stacks up against industry giants like eBay Motors. According to Seiter, commercialized auction website and events reward cut-throat practices and thrive on the speed of the sale. At Busted Knuckles, they will host week-long auctions allowing buyers time to consider their bid and be 100% confident with their buying options. Although the energy of the bids will still rise in the last few minutes, Busted Knuckles will implement a reset a three minutes before the bidding closes.
In addition, registered members of the Busted Knuckles website, who may not be buyers or sellers but enthusiasts, are also allowed to comment during an open bid. Enthusiasts are welcome to participate in the open forum giving their advice or recommendations to bidders in real-time. This allows comradery between buyers, sellers, and enthusiasts to be resurrected, reflective of the older days when a great car created great conversation.
Trey Seiter hopes that Busted Knuckles car auction will give sellers a financially smart way to showcase their cars, trucks, and motorcycles free of charge, while allowing buyers to enjoy an intimate buying experience. By bringing back the personal connection of buying and selling cars, Busted Knuckles rewards car lovers with more than just a new hot rod; they get to experience the love of the game.

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Why Auto Enthusiasts Should Buy And Sell With Busted Knuckles

If you are looking to sell your ride, Busted Knuckles gives sellers a platform to showcase their passion projects, collector hot rods, and fixer-uppers. Owner, Trey Sieter shares that his online auction forum is open to individuals and dealers, but it’s distinctive from in-person auction events. Sellers can list sports cars, American muscle cars, motorcycles, hot rods, customs, and specialty parts with ease. No travel involved and no listing cost for sellers. Each part of the process can be managed from the comfort of your computer or smart device. It’s easy to buy and sell with Busted Knuckles free online car auction platform.

When you are looking to sell (or buy) a unique car, truck, or motorcycle, big auctions require money out of your own pocket for travel and lodging. That’s where Busted Knuckles comes in. List your items for free. You won’t be haggled for hidden fees or commissions.

For buyers, if you want to purchase over the phone in a traditional auction, it can cost you upwards of 12% of the sale price. At Busted Knuckles, Sieter charges only 5% after the sale with a cap on the percent BKA takes.

Each potential listing is sent through a review process with Busted Knuckles. Sieter and his team want sellers to enjoy the benefits of his auction platform, and they’ll put in the time helping you display your inventory – from posting items to final sale. It also gives buyers the security of knowing all items have been reviewed for authenticity and quality. Enthusiasts won’t regret choosing to buy and sell with Busted Knuckles.

You won’t find another online site offering personalized and interactive auction experiences like Busted Knuckles.

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Busted Knuckles Bringing Positive Auction Experience to Car Enthusiasts

Busted Knuckles is not just an auction website. It’s an online experience merging buyers and sellers alike to appreciate quality cars, trucks, motorcycles, and memorabilia. From dealers to individuals, Busted Knuckles auction accepts items from anyone.

Unlike in-person auction events, Busted Knuckles gives buyers the options to efficiently search listings by make, model, or year. Each listing allows you to browse through pictures, descriptions, and the personal story behind the vehicle. Understanding where the vehicle came from and what work went into it is often undermined in commercialized auction events. It’s about speed and profit, skimping on the beauty and uniqueness of each car. At Busted Knuckles, value is placed on all aspects of the process.

Busted Knuckles also highlights a particularly challenging aspect of large auction events – travel. On the search for your perfect car or memorabilia, you often have to travel and pay just to have the opportunity to bid. With Busted Knuckles being an online platform run exclusively by experienced car enthusiasts, you can browse listings from the comfort of the home or office. Sellers also won’t be charged to list their cars, that’s a guarantee. This gives buyers a much better listing sample because sellers aren’t deterred by hidden costs.

Busted Knuckles aims to provide the best-personalized experience to bring back the nostalgia and love of muscle-car America.

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Houston Native Trey Seiter Launches Online Car Auction Website

“Life is nostalgic and unique. Reward yourself with horsepower, torque, speed, and class.” That’s true life advice from Houstonian, Trey Seiter, owner of Busted Knuckles Auction, an online car auction website. Trey developed a love of American muscle cars, European sports cars, and motorcycles from the influence of his father. Growing up, Trey’s father would buy cars that needed a bit of love; the late 60s and early 70s corvettes were among his father’s favorite. Trey learned first-hand the skill and passion for auto mechanics.

Fast forward decades later and Trey harnessed his early passion and built it into a full-time business. Busted Knuckles Auction is an online car auction website with the hottest collection of muscle cars, exotics, motorcycles, auto parts, and memorabilia. Busted Knuckles’ staff are car, truck, and motorcycle aficionados, creating an environment optimal for buyers and sellers to receive first-rate customer service. Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned fanatic, Busted Knuckles welcomes you to list your inventory or shop their listings.

Forget the substantial fees and stress of big auctions. Busted Knuckles gives enthusiasts a personal shopping experience while giving sellers the ability to share each vehicle’s personal story. It also allows enthusiasts to join in the bidding process by commenting and offering advice to potential buyers. Busted Knuckles is bringing the passion and the art back to the auto auction industry.

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