Vintage Ferrari Collection

Vintage Ferraris At Busted Knuckles Auctions   Vintage Ferraris of the 80's and 90's have become extremely popular and valuable in todays exotic collector car market.  I remember the days of these cars plastered all over my walls as a kid. It started with Magnum PI's 308 and on to Crockett's Daytona and Testarossa from Miami Vice.  And we can't forget Sammy Davis [...]

My Experience Trying To List A Car With Bring a Trailer

My Experience Trying To List A Car With Bring a Trailer   We all love our our vehicles.  Owning special cars, trucks, and/or motorcycles is a lifestyle that is fun and rewarding.  I have owned many cars and motorcycles in the past and felt a bond with every one of them.  One of the reasons Busted Knuckles Auctions was started is that I [...]

Bring a Trailer vs Busted Knuckles

Bring a Trailer vs Busted Knuckles Auctions Why and how is Busted Knuckles Auctions different from Bring a Trailer. BKA was created with a personable approach to buying and selling cars through an online platform. We are not about sales trends and profits. We are not about dictating what we think reserve prices should be to our sellers. We are not about kicking a seller [...]


List Your Exotic Vehicles For Free on Busted Knuckles Auction

Busted Knuckles offers sought-after, unique, and valuable automobiles and motorcycles for sale on an online auction, crafted for the benefit of buyer and seller preferences. Owner Trey Seiter and his team of experienced enthusiasts have dedicated considerable thought into building this auction website.

How Busted Knuckles is Bringing Something New to the Car Auction Industry

In a recent interview, Busted Knuckles founder, Trey Sieter, shares how his online auction business stacks up against industry giants like eBay Motors. According to Sieter, commercialized auction website and events reward cut-throat practices and thrive on the speed of the sale. At Busted Knuckles, they will host week-long auctions allowing buyers time to consider their bid and be 100% confident with their buying options. Although the energy of the bids will still rise in the last few minutes, Busted Knuckles will implement a reset a three minutes before the bidding closes.

Why Auto Enthusiasts Should Buy And Sell With Busted Knuckles

If you are looking to sell your ride, Busted Knuckles gives sellers a platform to showcase their passion projects, collector hot rods, and fixer-uppers. Owner, Trey Sieter shares that his online auction forum is open to individuals and dealers, but it’s distinctive from in-person auction events. Sellers can list sports cars, American muscle cars, motorcycles, hot rods, customs, and specialty parts with ease. No travel involved and no listing cost for sellers. Each part of the process can be managed from the comfort of your computer or smart device.

Houston Native Trey Seiter Launches Online Car Auction Website

“Life is nostalgic and unique. Reward yourself with horsepower, torque, speed, and class.” That’s true life advice from Houstonian, Trey Seiter, owner of Busted Knuckles Auction. Trey developed a love of American muscle cars, European sports cars, and motorcycles from the influence of his father. Growing up, Trey’s father would buy cars that needed a bit of love; the late 60s and early 70s corvettes were among his father’s favorite. Trey learned first-hand the skill and passion for auto mechanics.

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